Storms don’t last forever…right?

Constantly telling myself that this funk I’m going through right now won’t last forever…but I just don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel right now. Just really stressful and annoying.

Just need something to cheer me up right now.

A New Years Eve fantasy


New Year’s Eve for everyone in America seems to be the highlight of the holiday season where stunning gowns and dapper tuxes fill rooms of overjoyed people dancing the night away. The clinking of glasses, smell of sweat and several perfumes fill the room. People are dancing and singing cheering. Flashes of lights from cameras capturing the epic moment. The energy of the room intensifies once the clock hits 11. The New Year is coming and the room is ready. 10 9 8, the countdown begins people start grabbing their loved ones 5 4 3…the crowd gets louder…Happpyyyy New Yearrrrr the room is in an uproar.

Quick flash to me…sitting at home watching gossip girl re-runs fantasizing about fashion and movie love stories. *sigh* maybe one year I’ll get the dream New Year’s Eve.

Be all you can be, or whatever the hell you feel

Be audacious, Be bold, Be loud, Be crazy, Be different, Be a sweetheart, Be a bitch, Be WHO YOU ARE.

Worrying so much about what others think of you or wanting to be a certain kind of person will make a person lose their self. People are so worried about being the kind of person that they think others like that they can’t even be real with them self on who they are.

Don’t allow yourself to get wrapped up in the fantasy of the “perfect” person.  It’s about to be 2014 and if this isn’t the decade to be you then I don’t know what time is. America, no scratch that the world is changing and opening up to the fact that people are different each and everyone of us is different. NO one fits into a box so why confine yourself to one.

The most successful as well as happy people do things on their own accord, so why not add yourself to that list.



This is to The Boy


Boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy fall for girls, boy starts talking to another girl.

This story seems to be the never ending cycle for college aged young men. Why is it so hard to keep interest in one woman would be the original question, but I know better than that. My real question is why can’t you just be upfront with them and let them know your intentions from the beginning.
Starting a new friendship with someone is crazy enough in it’s own, but when you mix that with the attraction for someone you would like to be with it hurts you when they’re not 100% honest with you.
The leading on as if they’re on the same page is earth shattering when you find out you weren’t even in the same book.
Being up front and honest is the only way a situation like this could be resolved but since that’s like a seeing a unicorn in today’s day in age
I doubt that will ever happen…

Don’t Stress the Final


Final Exam week can be one of the most stressful of the semester, but they don’t have to be. With holidays right after exams the chaos of preparing for both can be overwhelming for a lot of students.
But before you let your nightmares of flunking your math final or sleeping through that English exam take a deep breath and follow these 5 different approaches to relieve some stress.

1. Take a break I know it sounds like the last thing you want to do during crunch time, but it can really benefit you. After a while that chapter you’ve been reading for the last hour can start to become a blur. Don’t worry, just take a deep breath close your book and take a 20 to 30 minute break just to clear your head and start fresh.
2. Work out I know when studying sometime you can feel like you’re going stir crazy and just need to move. Working out you can clear your mind as well as relax your muscles. This way when you sit down to study any excess energy you had before r is all burned out and you can focus without any restlessness.
3. Talk to Somebody Writing that final paper can be even more stressful than studying for an exam, especially when trying to get your thoughts out. Talking to someone else about the point you want to make in your paper can help you to organize your thoughts clearer.
4. Follow a Schedule Writing down a set study schedule can help to keep you prepared for your final. By allotting yourself a specific amount of study time for each class you will be able to ensure that each subject is covered and that you don’t over study or under study for any class.
5. Get Some Rest Finals week is infamous for all-nighters, whatever you do don’t pull an all-nighter! Staying up all night to try to learn a semesters worth of information is not going to do anything, but make you exhausted for the actual exam. Try to study throughout the day and a couple of days in advance instead.

So this semester during finals step back for a moment and take these ways to relieve some stress into consideration and end your semester strong.

Where’s the love?


What’s wrong with my generation when it comes to love? They act like it’s some sort of disease. Some have never even been in love before, but fear it more than cancer.
What is the point of being with someone if you can’t be happy in love or feel safe in the relationship?
I just want this generation to understand that love is beautiful and scary at the same time, but you can’t fully judge or fear something until you experience it.
Just let go and let love ❤️

Somewhere between a wallflower and an attention whore.


The older I get the more of a change I see in myself. I confuse myself on whether I long to stand out or just be left alone. But one thing I can say is that I am learning to appreciate everything around me.

As a kid you ignore your parents when they say things like “be grateful for what you have” but its true. There’s so much beauty around us, whether it be a small town in the middle of nowhere or a major city like Chicago. There’s beauty in so much and I just want to be able to see it with clear eyes.

Sometimes I as well as so many others my own age get wrapped up in the idea that we need to look, speak, act, and dress a certain way that little things that make us happy. It’s not always going to be about partying, a part-time job, and class. Life will get real and harder. Taking advantage of the experiences we have now is how I’m learning to live my life.

This is where I begin to question myself on whether I’m a wallflower or an attention [laughs]. It sounds funny, but it’s something I’m really starting to think about. I want to be able to just sit back and take everything in like I was saying before but I also want to be the best dressed person in the room captivating the attention of everyone.

This is where I am in life.

I don’t really know if this will ever change or if it’s something I want to change. Just enjoying it while I can.